Whether you've just been diagnosed or you're completing treatment, it’s likely you have questions. The learning curve can be steep, complex and overwhelming, but our experienced staff members do everything they can to help you become experts in your own care.

The following articles contain practical advice on cancer care and prevention to help you stay healthy.

Healthier eating can help treat and prevent disease

When Kathy Parker was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma at age 24, her relationship with food changed dramatically. She began to see nutrition as key to keeping her body healthy.
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Super foods for fighting and preventing cancer

Eating super foods can boost your strength, immunity and help rid your body of toxins. But what are these super foods? The clinic's three naturopathic physicians list their favorite food heroes and explain why they're so great.
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Reduce cancer risk with healthy lifestyle choices

Changing your lifestyle to dramatically reduce your cancer risk is easier than you may think. Even small changes can improve your health and resistance to illness and disease.
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stress management part of cancer patients treatment

The year leading up to Kathy Lingo's diagnosis of breast cancer was filled with grief and emotional pressure. But she learned to reduce stress and help her body fight her life-threatening disease. Social worker and Director of Mind-Body Medicine Robin Adler offers tips to help patients relax and work on healing during this most stressful of times.

alternative medicine slowly changing traditional minds

Patient demand for so-called alternative medicine has spurred better cooperation between medical doctors and complementary-care providers. Here are some tips for talking to your physician about alternative treatments, working with insurance companies, and finding an integrative clinic right for you.