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Native Wellness & Healing

Native Traditional Healing

Traditional native healing practices are founded on the principle that good health is our natural state of being. Good health is achieved as our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits are in balance, and we live in harmony with Mother Earth and our Creator.

– Connie McCloud | Northwest Traditional Healer

Visiting Native healers come from the local area and as far away as New Mexico, Arizona, and Canada.  Their healing methods vary depending on a patient’s unique circumstance and the healer’s preference.

Appointments with Native Healers are scheduled for one hour. We currently have a waitlist for Native Healing appointments.

For questions about Native Traditional Healing or to be added to the waitlist for an appointment, please contact us at info@salishcancercenter.com.

Caren Trujillo | Wellness Consultant

Asu (Red Bird Woman) Caren Trujillo is from the Yaqui Tribe located in Tucson, Arizona. Her focus areas include Natural Wellness, Alternative Healing Remedies, Medicinal Herbs, Indigenous People’s Issues, Women’s Issues, Mental Health, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, and Environmental Issues.

She works individually to develop a personalized treatment plan utilizing natural methods that may include prayer, meditation, counseling, smudging, herbs, talking circles, or other methods according to their specific needs.

Connie McCloud | Northwest Traditional Healer

Connie McCloud is a member of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians in Tacoma, Washington.  She has served the Puyallup Tribal community and surrounding communities for more than thirty years in various positions.

Connie’s first position with the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority was as the Women’s Outreach Worker.   Her skill, practices, and knowledge blossomed into her current position as the Tribal Cultural Director.

Connie provides staff training, as well as healing and counseling sessions with anybody that seeks her assistance.

Mr. Herbert Yazzie | Native Spiritual Healer

Mr. Herbert Yazzie descends from a very long line of ancient Native Traditional Spiritual Healers.  Herbert is Dene’ from Navajo, in Arizona. 

Highly respected by his clients, Herbert is a diagnostician and healer who utilizes the Navajo ceremonial Crystal Gazing Ceremony, natural medicine, and song.

Native wellness healing knowledge and practices throughout Puget Sound and the United States are shared to support your wellness goals.

Native Wellness Traditions

Community Events

Community events offer a good way to stay active. There are many activities within the Tribal communities to jump into. Here are only a few places to begin your exploration if you are looking for ideas about where to begin.


Virtual Survivor Support Groups are open to all indigenous cancer survivors, caregivers, and family members
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Prevention & Survivorship

Native Cancer Prevention and Survivorship resources to support your wellness journey.

  • Prevention
  • Screening
  • Treatment
  • Post Treatment


Virtual Survivor Support Groups are open to all indigenous cancer survivors, caregivers, and family members
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NW Tribes, visit the NW Tribal Comprehensive Cancer Project, Portland Area Indian Health Board
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Native Outreach

Native Outreach enriches patient care by offering Native-based wellness information and resources that support healing and healthy living.

  • Optimal Native Healing Environment
  • Empathetic and Compassionate staff
  • Staff understand Native communication styles
  • Native Healing in the Integrative Model of Car
  • Respects Native Cosmology as it relates to health and well-being
  • Meet Native-specific financial counseling needs

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