Positioning & Voice


  • Provide innovative and integrative care to cancer patients.
  • Treat the whole patient with evidence-based and personalized cancer treatments.
  • Offer the most individualized care possible.

Salish Cancer Center is a world-class cancer center for healing and wellness in the Tacoma, Washington area. Offering integrative and non-traditional medicine allows us to provide a unique form of oncological care. Beyond oncology, we care for the whole patient with native healing and therapies. Patients and families receive the options, treatment, and care to help them through their cancer experience, from beginning to end. 

The Four Cardinal Directions of Compassion, Respect, Integrity, and Empowerment, guide every interaction with our patients and their families. As medical professionals, we bring kindness, sincerity, and care during each step of the journey. Our providers and staff strive to embrace each individual unconditionally and celebrate our differences. We are reliable, authentic, and responsible. We empower patients and caregivers to focus on the health of each patient’s body, mind, and spirit.

At the Salish Cancer Center, our guiding light is health. We continue the traditions of the Puyallup Tribe by offering a place of healing. By coupling our Native beliefs and practices with evidence-based cancer care, naturopathic oncology, and Chinese medicine, enhanced healing can be achieved. 


At the Salish Cancer Center, we use our Four Cardinal Directions to speak with Compassion, Respect, Integrity, and Empowerment. We speak compassionately to our patients and families. We respect each person and where they are along their journey, mentally and physically. We treat each patient with respect and care. We respond to concerns, worries, and questions with empathy. We empower our patients by keeping them knowledgeable and informed about their health.

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