Breast Cancer

The vast amount of research conducted on breast cancer in the last 30 years has led to many advancements in treatment for women and men with this disease, including fewer side effects and less invasive treatment. Subsequently, we see increased survival rates through a wider variety of treatment options and more effective targeted therapies. More women are living with breast cancer than ever before. Although breast cancer is a leading cancer type in the US, there is much reason for hope if you are a newly diagnosed patient.


Breast cancer is classified by each patient’s unique tumor presentation discovered through biopsy and its location. This means there are many different types of breast cancer. The type and advancement of a patient’s disease determine the options for treatment. Therefore, it is essential to understand your treatment options and educate yourself about the benefits and potential side effects before deciding which treatment is best for you.


At Salish Cancer Center, we work with breast cancer patients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their conditions may range from newly diagnosed to over 10-year survivors and now receive wellness screenings and preventive care in our survivorship program. Our physicians listen to their patient’s symptoms, health history, concerns, and goals, order and evaluate necessary diagnostic tests, and offer the most effective evidence-based treatment strategies given the whole picture. Our practice offers our breast cancer patients services in medical oncology, naturopathic integrative oncology, acupuncture, and spiritual and Native Healing in a thoughtful, peaceful atmosphere that encourages health and healing.


As a new patient to our Center with a breast cancer diagnosis, you can expect to meet with both a medical oncologist, who discusses your primary conventional treatment options and a naturopathic doctor regarding your synergistic and supportive recommendations. Your history and any lab work or imaging will be reviewed and discussed in the context of a treatment plan. Some people are interested in a second opinion, and others are certain they want to be treated here from the start. Subsequently, an individualized, integrative care plan is developed, and steps to begin treatment are immediately set into motion. Each time you visit our Center, you can expect that our practitioners will have met as a group that morning to discuss your case, ensuring we are all aligned with your care throughout the time you are a patient here.

Most insurance plans are accepted, and our financial counselor is available to discuss pricing and fees before your first visit. However, our clinic must receive all pertinent records before your appointments are scheduled so that we may give you our most well-informed recommendations.

For more detailed information on breast cancer types, potential treatments, or to learn more about our services, please continue reading through our site and visit the Resources pages for helpful tools and information.

Our caring support staff is available by phone to answer questions and schedule consultations. Whether you are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, exploring further options, or would like a second opinion, the physician team’s combined expertise at Salish Cancer Center is here for you.

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