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Leukemia is a cancer diagnosis in certain blood cell lines that originate in the bone marrow. Usually, leukemias are found through routine lab work, but more specific diagnostic techniques must be performed to discover the exact type. People can develop acute or chronic leukemia presentations depending on how fast the cancerous cells are replicating and preventing other types of cells in the blood from growing.

Most people do not develop symptoms in the very beginning until a lack of the other essential blood cells presents itself. For instance, in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), a white blood cell called a lymphocyte proliferates despite being too small and damaged. Normal cells have mechanisms by which damaged cells are destroyed, allowing only healthy cells to make it to the bloodstream. Cancer blocks these mechanisms. Eventually, these abnormal lymphocytes can crowd out the other essential cells in our blood, such as healthy white blood cells, platelets, and red blood cells, leaving patients more vulnerable to infection, heavy bleeding with bruising, and anemia. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) is a cancer of stem cells called myelocytes that turn into white blood cells. Targeted therapies have revolutionized the treatment of CML. These oral therapy drugs extend patients’ time in the chronic, indolent phase of the disease.


Doctors at Salish Cancer Center are experienced in treating all chronic forms of leukemia, but not the acute types. We work with other specialists to ensure that the most effective evidence-based treatment plan is carried out given the age and phase of the disease in each patient. Typically, by the time patients come to us, they already know their diagnosis and are looking for individualized treatment, including conventional medication along with integrative care.


Our naturopathic doctors meet with patients during their initial visit to prescribe additional testing and explain the role of specific herbs, foods, and nutrients. These may be beneficial to optimize the success of your treatment and quality of life. As your leukemia treatments change throughout your care, your naturopathic recommendations will change as well. This ensures you take the most valuable supplements individualized to you and your current care plan. Acupuncture is also a treatment offered at Salish Cancer Center that many patients receive to relieve pain, neuropathy, and insomnia. Our holistic and team-oriented approach is unparalleled in the Pacific Northwest, and our patients travel long distances to be cared for by our compassionate and professional staff.

For more detailed information about leukemia, potential treatments, or to learn more about our services, please continue reading through our site and see the Resources section below.

We accept most insurance plans, and our financial counselor is available to discuss pricing and fees before your first visit. However, all pertinent records must be received by our clinic before your appointments are scheduled so that we may give you our most well-informed recommendations.

Our caring support staff is available to answer questions and schedule consultations. Whether you are newly diagnosed with leukemia, exploring further options, or would like a second opinion, the combined expertise of the physician team at Salish Cancer Center is here for you.

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