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Prostate Cancer

Aside from skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer found in men in the US, affecting one in seven men in their lifetime. Although a diagnosis of any cancer can be life-changing, the fact is that most men diagnosed with prostate cancer die of other causes. Depending on the volume of cancer in the prostate and the tumor’s aggressiveness, a variety of treatment recommendations exist. The prognosis is better if cancer has not spread outside of the prostate. Statistics state that over 90% of newly diagnosed prostate cancers have not spread. The key is catching cancer early enough to prevent its spread. At Salish Cancer Center, our clinicians are experienced in diagnosing and treating prostate cancer at all stages.


The integrative approach used at Salish allows the providers and patients to determine the level of treatment most appropriate for each person. For example, some cases of low-grade prostate cancer respond well to diet and herbal medicines alone, whereas other cases benefit from more aggressive care. Each case is different, and our providers can help find the best type of treatment for each person.

For those diagnosed with a more advanced or aggressive type of prostate cancer, immediate control of the disease is necessary. Our experienced and caring medical oncologists work together as a team and other care providers such as urologists, surgeons, and radiation oncologists to develop the safest and most appropriate treatment plan for you. Ultimately, at Salish Cancer Center, you decide what treatment you are most comfortable with, and we are here to work with you and your other care providers to carry out that plan.


As a new patient to our Center with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, you can expect to meet with both a medical oncologist and a naturopathic doctor. Your history and any lab work and imaging will be reviewed and discussed in the context of a treatment plan. Some people are interested in a second opinion, and others are certain they want to be treated here from the start. Subsequently, an individualized, integrative care plan is developed, and steps to begin treatment are immediately set into motion. In addition, you can expect that each time you visit our Center, our practitioners will have met as a group that morning to discuss your case, ensuring we are all in alignment with your care throughout the time you are a patient here.

Most health insurance plans are accepted, and our financial counselor is available to discuss pricing and fees before your first visit. However, all pertinent records must be received by our clinic before your appointments are scheduled so that we may give you our most well-informed recommendations.

For more detailed information on prostate cancer types, potential treatments, or to learn more about our services, please continue reading through our site and visit the Resources page for helpful tools and information.

Our caring support staff is available by phone to answer questions and schedule consultations. Whether you are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, exploring further options, or would like a second opinion, the combined expertise of the physician team at Salish Cancer Center is here for you.

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