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Peer Support Program

Salish Cancer Center is pleased to announce the start of a Peer Support Program.

Right now, we are looking for Peers to be a part of this program.
The goal of this program is to use your experiences to show your peer that they are not alone in their oncology journey.

A peer is a person who can share firsthand experiences of their oncology journey (as a patient or as a loved one).

  1. Any patient of Salish Cancer Center. This includes patients in treatment and those in survivorship.
  2. Any family member of a Salish Cancer Center patient.
  1. Complete consent forms.
  2. Complete training provided by Salish Cancer Center.
  3. Complete a bio.

If you are interested in becoming a peer, having a peer, or have questions, please contact our social work department at 253-252-2722 or email socialwork@salishcancercenter.com.


Please print, fill out, and email completed forms to socialwork@salishcancercenter.com.

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